Oil Finished Floor Maintenence

For those consumers that have purchased an UV cured oil finished floor and you were not educated on how to properly maintain your oiled floors, you may see that your floors look “dry” and “dull.” This could happen for many reasons; mostly because you are probably using the wrong cleaner. The proper cleaner is a natural soap that has coconut and sunflower oils that puts the oils back into the floor. There is also a interim oil refresher that we recommend 2-3 times a year and then there is a master oil that is applied by a professional that we recommend every 3-5 years depending on wear.

The first picture shows a floor that is only two years old but has been cleaned with the wrong product. The second picture is after the board has been stripped and back to raw wood and the third picture is after re-oiling.

As you can see, when the wood is dry from the improper cleaners, spots (water, oil, etc) are visible because the wood has been stripped of the oils that protect it.

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