Repair, Sand & Refinish

Restore Your Wood Floor Finish

Sanding hardwood floors use to be a dust nightmare. But not anymore. With Bona’s dust containment systems, there’s minimal airborne dust generated. It’s a healthier environment to work in every day and cleans up what use to be an extremely dusty process.

In 1998, Russ joined the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), offering him global resources regarding the Wood Flooring Industry. Russ prides himself in offering premier customer service, quality, and superior product knowledge. To date, he has successfully completed installation, sanding, and refinishing courses, advanced installation courses. In addition, he has completed numerous manufacturer sponsored courses to keep up with the ever changing Wood Floor Industry.

Hardwood Floor Company’s promise to their customers is that all work will be done “in house”, providing invaluable expertise, and no projects will ever be sub-contracted out. Russ personally oversees each installation, sanding, and finishing job done by his staff to insure that quality craftsmanship and workmanship shows through on every project.

Russ believes that in order to guarantee satisfaction, sharing his knowledge of floor maintenance and products with his customers will give them the necessary tools to care for their investment appropriately, and leave them happy for years to come. It is because of Russ’ diligence and commitment to his customers that they have been the foundation of many referrals for Hardwood Floor Company throughout the years.


On the left: Conventional Sanding
(notice the amount
of dust in the air!)
On the right: With the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System
(Notice the operator doesn’t even need to use a mask!)